Hur vet du det?
Hur vet du det?33 minuter sedan
Hur vet du det?
Hur vet du det?6 dagar sedan
Vad är sanning? https://youtu.be/zhP-o4ATsvU via YouTube Åsa Wikforss #hurvetdudet?
Hur vet du det?
Vad är sanning?
Åsa Wikforss, professor i filosofi vid Stockholms universitet på March for Science, manifestationen för vetenskap i Stockholm 2018. Lansering av kampanjen #H...
Hur vet du det?
Hur vet du det?1 vecka sedan

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Let’s Start Teaching #Scientists How to Withstand #Attacks on #Fact We need to imbue #students with a central value: Adherence to the #scientificmethod is, in itself, good citizenship. https://t.co/cqv0EurLKI https://t.co/NLAn6tsIJu Hurvetdudet_nu photo
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Just applied for the voluntary position of Ask for Evidence Ambassador with Sense about Science.

If you're interested in fostering a culture of evidence expectation, or want to use their handy tool to request evidence for a claim see:
#askforevidence .
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Thanks to funding from @WellcomeTrust, we are expanding our #AskForEvidence campaign. We want 20 members of the public to become evidence ambassadors. Could that be you? Only one day left to apply! https://t.co/Acam9nEPG6
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⏰ Last chance to sign up for the webinar on pseudoscience! Learn how sensitively and effectively deal with pseudoscience 🐍👨‍🔬 and become your own critical peer-reviewer. https://t.co/5mbUBcz8Oa #OpenScience #FakeNews #Webinar #CollectiveIntelligence #CitizenScience https://t.co/SN8izVmEpO Hurvetdudet_nu photo

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